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Cé muid?

Established in 1993, Glór Uachtar Tíre is a voluntary group for the development of the Irish language in the greater Castlewellan area in south Co. Down.  Glór Uachtar Tíre receives funding through Foras na Gaeilge's 'Scéim Phobal Gaeilge' allowing for the employment of a full-time Development Officer.

Uachtar Tíre was the name given to the area between Slieve Croob and Maghera up until the 15th Century.  Today, Uachtar Tíre is an area with a vibrant and fast growing Irish speaking community and home to an excellent Gaelscoil. It's central location also makes it the the home of South Down's Irish-medium secondary school provision, drawing large numbers of young Irish speakers to the area on a daily basis.

Glór Uachar Tíre sees to serve the needs of this flourishing language community and foster further growth. 

What type of work does

Glór Uachtar Tíre do?

Language Status

Activities that further the status of the Irish language within the community.  For example, the visibility of the language, the use of Irish at prominent events, an Irish language choir and the use of Irish in public spaces.

Activities relating to furthering the language skills and ability of our community.  For example, we provide a comprehensive programme of classes at all levels, we organise intensive courses, crash courses, summer camps and workshops.

Activities that foster the use of the Irish language and formation of an Irish speaking community.  We provide an Irish-medium youth club, social events, conversation circles, a festival, cultural events, youth schemes, lectures, a rambling club and much more!

Language Learning

Language Use

Language Planing

Glór Uachtar Tíre are currently preparing a language plan to help realise our ambition for the Irish speaking community in the Castlewellan area. 

Please feel free to get in touch if you wish to make any input to the planning process.

We will have more information here soon regarding the stages of this process. 

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